Caroline Hack – a mixed media artist based in Norfolk, England.

Welcome to my website. I’m a printmaker, textile artist and maker of handmade books based in Norfolk, England.  Much of my work is inspired by Herman Melville’s Classic whaling novel Moby-Dick as well as Historic British Arctic Whaling.

Right Whale. Left Flipper by Caroline Hack - a mixed media artist

Right Whale. Left Flipper

My exploration of Moby-Dick led to an interest in the history of British Arctic whaling.  These subjects have led to visits to European Arctic locations (including Greenland and Spitsbergen), UK, European, Canadian and American whale and whaling related sites, museums and collections to gather source material.

Recent work has included ‘The Arctic Whaling Year’, a series of 9 works made for my 2018-19 Exhibition of the same name at Dundee Heritage Trust’s Verdant Works (details here).  My artists book series ‘Cetology’, is a limited edition of 12 handmade books in three sizes inspired by Melville’s classification of whales by book size in Moby-Dick. Each book contains details and drawings as well as my personal experiences of the species of whales Melville describes. Further details can be found here).

Some of my art is available on a range of products via Redbubble and I have an etsy shop for the smaller things, embroideries, handmade books etc.

I have a range of fabric whales, brooches and worry whales for sale here.  Much of the other work on the site is also for sale.  If you see something you like, do get in touch!