Caroline Hack – a mixed media artist based in Norfolk, England.

Welcome to this site showcasing the art of Caroline Hack – mixed media artist based in Norfolk, England.  Caroline works in a range of media to make predominantly object based imagery.  Most of her work is inspired by Moby Dick and British Arctic Whaling, and informed by her travel and research.

Right Whale. Left Flipper by Caroline Hack - a mixed media artist

Right Whale. Left Flipper

In the last decade Caroline Hack has been heavily influenced by Herman Melville’s classic novel Moby Dick, and although the links are not always obvious, they are generally there somewhere.  As a development of this a range of fabric whales, bunting,  acrylic brooches and worry whales are now for sale here

Working in print and textile her exploration of the book has led to an interest in the early history of British whaling.  This has included visits to European Arctic locations, UK and European whale and whaling related sites to collect source material.  Her trip to the high Arctic in 2012 inspired a series of prints of the stunning rock and ice landscapes in Spitsbergen.  Visits to whaling heritage sites in the Faeroes, Norway, Iceland and the White Sea in 2013 has led to work incorporating imagery of parts of whale skeletons.  A voyage to Greenland in 2014 inspired a range of pieces incorporating imagery of whaling ships among the icebergs.