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The Greenland Fisheries


  I’ve used some related imagery I’ve been working on for a while to loosely illustrate this traditional song about a whaling voyage in book form. I used a combination of digital printing on fabric and fabric paint for the lyric pages.  The images were made using transfer dyes, layering burnt sheer fabrics and freehand machine embroidery.  […]

Orca II (Bergen)


  Transfer dye on grey textile. 2015. Orca skeleton based on one at Bergen Natural History Museum

Right Whale (gold)


Quilted gold satin freehand machine embroidered Right Whale with skeleton, 2015

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Polar Bear II (Hull)


Digitally printed textile and freehand machine embroidery. 2014  Life sized.  Skull is based on the one at Hull Maritime Museum and the chart is Bjornoya (Bear Island) off the north coast of Norway.

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Hull Maritime Museum and Whaling Collection


The whaling collection at Hull is mentioned in Moby Dick and is, therefore, a very special place.  The whaling gallery at Hull Maritime Museum is one of my most inspiring places and I visit it as often as I can.  The skeleton of a right whale and models and paintings of ships have all influenced […]

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Dundee and the McManus


Whaling carried on in Dundee later than any other Port in Britain because of the use of whale oil in the local jute processing industry.  One of the great benefits to me of this is that Dundee has a fantastic collection of whaling photographs, of ships, whaling and the arctic locations. This is also one […]

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Southern Greenland 2014

Truelove amongst the Ice

In July 2014 I was fortunate enough to go on a trip to Iceland and Greenland.  Sailing from Liverpool (appropriately an old whaling port) we visited Reykjavik where I saw orca, as well as a wide range of traditional tools and implements made from stranded whales at the National Museum and Skogar Museum.  The Icelandic […]

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Five Whales Series


In 2013 on my month long voyage around various Arctic Seas I saw five different species of whale and visited several whale centres, heritage whaling sites and museums with skeletons of whales on display.  A series of quilted textile pieces evolved from sketches and photographs of the  skeletons, maps both current and historic of the […]

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Five Whales – Fin


Quilted textile with digital print and freehand machine embroidery (35 x 40 cm)

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Five Whales – Orca


Quilted textile with digital print and freehand machine embroidery (25 x 35 cm)

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