Alesund whale goes to Ny Alesund!

As I have previously mentioned I often buy fabric when I visit places, and on a short stop over on the Norwegian coastal town of Alesund in 2011 I happened upon a craft and fabric shop where I spied a rather garish woven remnant in orange and turquoise in the sale bin.  As I suspected it made a lovely whale, one that I doubt I will ever be able to part with.   When I was packing for my trip to North Cape and Spitsbergen, and as the research base of Ny Alesund (new Alesund) was going to be my most northerly landfall (a mere 700 miles from the North Pole!), I knew that this whale would be one to accompany me on the trip.  And in glorious summer sunshine the whale accompanied me round the research base.

Alesund Whale

Alesund Whale at Ny Alesund, Spitsbergen