Greenland Fishery

Greenland Fisheries Series

A chance conversation and a trip to the whaling gallery at Hull turned my thoughts to whaling songs.  A feature of the gallery at Hull is the songs that play when you enter the gallery and I finally got around to buying a cd of the songs.

Greenland Fishery

Greenland Fishery

The one that initially appealed and inspired me most was the Greenland Fishery, probably because the area the song was originally about was in fact Svalbard/Spitsbergen.  Referred to as Greenland for many years, it was initially believed that the archipelago was attached to Greenland.  And of course historically whaling areas and the industry has always been referred to as a fishery, even though whales are of course mammals.

An additional point of interest for me is that one of the buildings related to whaling in Kings Lynn, where a whaling museum was for many years still goes by the name of the Greenland Fishery.

Both the song and the building are now the basis for a series of textile panels inspired by the architecture and incidents in the song. A couple of the works in progress are shown here.

Davit Tackle

Davit tackle