Sky Whale

Interim Review of Residency at Burton Constable Hall

So, I’ve completed the four pre-exhibition residency stints in the Stables at Burton Constable Hall as part of my Artist in Residence (AIR) funded by the Arts Council and the Friends of Burton Constable Hall. It seemed like a good time to reflect on how my first official (and funded) residency has gone.

Residency at Burton Constable Hall - Riding School

In Residence in the Riding School at Burton Constable Hall

It’s been awesome!

I’ve shared my passion about Moby Dick and the Burton Constable whale, whales in general and whaling with over 500 visitors, staff and volunteers.

I’ve learned that there are surprisingly few questions from visitors about whales that I can’t answer. People have shared their experiences of whales and whale watching, their opinions on whale hunting and their amazement at the size of the Burton Constable sperm whale skeleton and its good state of preservation given its age.

Burton Constable sperm whale teeth

Holding one of the surprisingly large and heavy Burton Constable sperm whale teeth

It’s opened doors to opportunities as varied as participating in the fantastic Moby Dick Unabridged event at the Southbank in London, to handling and photographing original whaling log books and original sperm whale teeth for the first time.

I’ve used my time in Hull when not at Burton Constable Hall to network with other creative and cultural people and organisations and I am sure that future opportunities and project will come from this.

I’ve developed my social media and web presence, reactivating a dormant Twitter account which has been very successful at getting the project, my practice and my work in front of a wider audience. It has pushed my practice into new areas and made me re-examine previous work.  It has seriously made me up my game creatively, increase my output and generated some extra sales (which is always nice).

Sky Whale

Sky Whale based on design from the Chinese Room at Burton Constable Hall

The next few months will be spent producing work for my final exhibition opening on Easter Saturday and arranging the production of a large piece to be installed permanently in the whale barn.