The Leviathanic Museum (Hull), Textile

The Leviathanic Museum (Hull)

In Chapter 102 of Moby-Dick Ishmael discusses the size of sperm whales and he uses one fictional and one real example (the sperm whale skeleton at Burton Constable) for his measurements. He also explains that ‘there are skeleton authorities you can refer to’ in order to test his accuracy. There is a Leviathanic Museum, they tell me, in Hull, England, …

A Brief Contemplation on Sir Thomas Browne. Display of hand made artist's books

Sir Thomas Browne

Sir Thomas Browne (1605-1682) was a Norfolk-based doctor, polymath and author. Herman Melville owned several of Browne’s books and admired his work and his whimsical writing style, which influenced Melville’s own style. Browne wrote about sperm whales in his myth busting book Pseudodoxia Epidemica, Book of Vulgar Errors, (1646) having seen a sperm whale stranded on the coast of Norfolk. …

Exhibition at Carriage House Gallery, Burton Constable Hall 2019

Pulling the British Threads in Moby-Dick

Prints, artists books and textile work inspired by the British sources Melville used in Moby-Dick When the curator at Burton Constable suggested I return to the Carriage House Gallery with an exhibition to celebrate Herman Melville’s 200th Birthday I knew I had to do something that would appeal to non-readers of Moby-Dick, but would be for me an interesting and …

Pre Marathon Dinner at the New Bedford Whaling Museum 22nd Moby Dick Marathon

The 22nd Moby Dick Marathon at New Bedford Whaling Museum

The Moby Dick Marathon at New Bedford Whaling Museum in New Bedford, Massachusetts is a (near) continuous read of the novel over 24 hours Saturday to Sunday of the first weekend of the year by a range of Melville enthusiasts, and is in it’s 22nd year.  For the last couple of years I have followed the event via social media …

Caroline Hack, 2nd left, on the panel at Looking for Melville at the British Library

Melville at Kings 2017

At the end of June the Eleventh International Melville Conference took place at King’s College in London.  I was fortunate enough to be invited to talk about my work at the British Library as part of this event. A range of artists including writer Philip Hoare, film maker David Shaerf, curator Michael Hall and actor/director Shelley Piasecka talked about and …

Cetology - 12 handmade books based on Herman Melville's whale classification from Moby Dick

Cetology (II)

Cetology – A series of handmade books based on Melville’s classification of whales in Moby Dick I’m unaware of any artist who has tried to tackle Melville’s bookish classification system for whales in this way.  Having finally managed to complete them I’m pretty sure why! As a printmaker and maker of artists’ books I was drawn to Chapter 32 Cetology …

Layouts for Cetology


After visiting Burton Constable near Hull in spring 2015 I put a project together with the curator to fund a residency for me. Following a successful application for Grants for the Arts funding I spent over 30 days, spread over eight months working in and around the barn with the whale skeleton.  I used my drawing of the skeleton and …

Wondrous Whale

Wondrous Whale

Wondrous Whale.  Sewn whale skeleton, screen printed map, quilted textile. Inspired by the Burton Constable Sperm whale skeleton mentioned in Moby Dick and door panels in the Chinese Room in the Hall. Made as part of my Residency at Burton Constable in 2015/16.